ImageI am aiming this piece of propaganda to teenagers. Teenagers are always using Facebook and never really know what’s going on in the real world, back when Facebook wasn’t even popular all the teenagers used “Bebo” but they still knew what was happening like example they’d watch the news on television or go online to have a look what’s going on in the world.
Yeah Facebook you can still get news by seeing your friends Facebook “status” but they don’t have the right information about the subject or what’s really happening. The picture is about liking groups on Facebook, to make their business famous and popular and if it gets that popular everyone will start to like that group on Facebook, and then that group will become big, but it’s just propaganda and not many people see that. Facebook is ruining teenager’s history and current news updates; because they always use Facebook when they go home after school, weekends and during the day and most teenagers never tune into the news on either the internet, television. They just assume their friends will make a status update. This picture is a good example on propaganda and shows that Facebook is really big to the world to this day.



My opinion is internet is killing the newspaper because people just go find the news on the internet instead of going out of there way to buy a newspaper, its more young teenagers and people in there 20’s looking for news on either television or the internet which is a huge population that is killing the news paper.

What people have to consider and realize is the elder people. Some might have no way of getting a newspaper, some would just rather hop on the computer or sit down in front of the television and watch the news. Some elderly people might also have trouble reading a newspaper and the good thing about technology these days as such a computer is that you can jump on and it can give you all the latest updates where as a newspaper can only give you what happened as such yesterday. They can also give you live stream videos that most people upload to news blog pages.

The newspaper is still very popular to this day, and i think for another ten years to come because people don’t just buy newspaper for the news they buy it for games, trivia’s and other stuff like that. But in saying that you see a lot of people these days with there flash phones that can do just about anything. They can do all of that and loads more and lets be honest, who wants to go down to the shop and buy a $2 newspaper when you can just whip out your phone and type in ‘latest news and the date’. And theres even applications to download for just $2.99, it gives you live updates weather and lots of over stuff such as sporting and world wide news. 

So i think internet is definitely killing the newspaper because theirs always going to be people looking on the internet and on there phone and now there making tablets, and i think there more technology going to be coming out soon.

With technology updating and all these news things coming out each week. Technology is processing and soon my overall opinion would be that newspapers will not exist by 2020. Soon enough people should just realize there is nothing wrong with jumping on the net and having a browse, it makes sense? You get live updates and videos and what not and everything you wouldn’t get on a piece of paper. It is really bad for the environment just imagine how many trees are getting cut down each week – each day just because someone wants to sit down and read the news on paper.



Lebron James Moves To Miami Heat.

LeBron James announces move to Miami Heat as Cavaliers fans burn jerseys in anger
fans not happy over Lebron James decision on moving to the Miami Heat

Lebron James decision.
James decision to leave his hometown and head south to Florida to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh gives the Heat one of the most dynamic power trios in league history.

“The attraction in Miami is being alongside Dwyane Wade and being alongside Chris Bosh. It is a new challenge for myself,” James said.

“The major factor was this is the best opportunity for me to win and win now and in the future. The number one thing with me is to help my teammates get better and to win.”

James and Bosh and Wade turned professional in the same season and were the number one fourth and fifth players chosen in the 2003 entry draft.

James ended up in Cleveland, Wade in Miami and Bosh headed north to Canada and the Toronto Raptors.


James said he is taking less money to play in Miami than he would have made   had he stayed in Cleveland.

“I am not getting the max deal,” he said. “The max deal would have been to   stay in Cleveland get the six years and get over 120 million.

“The numbers are not finalised. All three of us are going to take less because   we want to play alongside each other.”

The reaction in Cleveland to James’ departure was swift and passionate.   Television pictures showed Cavalier fans burning James’ jerseys in anger.

Asked to react to the perceived snub towards his hometown Cleveland, James   said, “I can’t get involved in that.

“I feel awful about leaving – Lebron said.

“I didn’t want to make an emotional decision. Put the shoe on the other foot.   If the Cavs got rid of me would my family burn down the organization? Of   course not. This is a business. I had seven great years. I am going to   continue to be happy and great.”

Free agents James, Wade and Bosh were wined and dined by teams who spared no   expense in trying to convince them to change teams. Now there is speculation   about whether Miami is big enough for the three stars to co-exist on the   Heat.

“It isn’t about sharing. It is about everybody having their own spotlight and   then going out and winning,” James said.

Said Wade, “We dreamed of playing together for many years but none of us   thought it could happen. We all knew there had to be sacrifices to make.

“I let LeBron and Chris know they were welcome here with open arms.”

Lebron James Talks To his Mum.

James said he didn’t make up his mind until Thursday morning after a talk with   his mother.

“I went day-to-day,” he said. “I would wake up and one morning it was this team and I wake up another morning and it was this team. I had a great conversation with my mum.”

Miami Heat

Miami Heat

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh

Miami’s Big Three garners most of the attention, but the Heat’s  superstars aren’t the only talented trio around the NBA. James and Bosh joined  Wade in Miami this summer in hopes of following the Boston Celtics’ blueprint of  putting egos asides while putting together a championship-caliber team. All  drafted in the Class of 2003, the Heat trio may be one of the NBA’s most  impressive collection of talent ever, but it’s not the league’s only  star-studded nuclei of note. Here’s a look at other top trios around the  league.


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